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GHX Music Software - Guitar Hero controller into a real musical instrumentGHX is a program for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It turns a Guitar Hero controller into a real musical instrument, that you can play in a live band, or just play along with your favorite MP3s.

You'll need a specific type of Guitar Hero controller; those made for the Wii or Playstation won't do. The controller made for the XBox (the X-plorer controller) is made to hook up thru a USB port, which is why we can use it on a Windows PC.

GHX is an arpeggiator at heart. That means it's designed to play a sequence of notes, not just one. GHX plays chords (groups of notes that sound good when played together), but it plays the notes in sequence, not all at the same time. So you don't strum or pick the strum bar to make individual notes. Instead, you use the strum bar to both start a sequence of notes, and to keep the beat. You will find yourself using the strum bar almost like a bass drum, pressing it on the first beat of every measure.

To use the GHX properly, you should be familiar with the basic 12-note scale (A,B,C,D,E,F,G, and sharps and flats). You should also be familiar with the difference between major and minor chords (the only two types of chords GHX can play).


The controller has 5 colored buttons and a strum bar. To make a sound, press (and hold) a combination of the buttons, and press the strum bar up or down. Notes will ONLY start playing while the colored buttons are held down, but individual notes will not be cut off by releasing the colored buttons.

Of the 5 colored buttons, the middle three (red, yellow, and blue) define the musical chord that will be played. The first (green) button will make the chord a MINOR chord. The last (orange) button sharps the chord (raises it by 1/2 step).

Here's a chart of the three chord buttons and what they do when held down:

A red
B yellow
C blue
D red + yellow
E yellow + blue
F red + blue
G red + yellow + blue (all three)

SO, to play an A MAJOR chord, hold down the red button and strum once.

To play a G#m chord, hold all 5 buttons.

Download: GHX Music Software 712 Kb


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