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Big Fish Audio Raging Guitars VSTi/DXi/RTAS/AU (PC/MAC) AMPLiFYBig Fish Audio Raging Guitars VSTi/DXi/RTAS/AU (PC/MAC) AMPLiFY

This is the guitar onslaught you’ve been waiting for! A guitar virtual instrument done right, with multiple amps and levels of distortion, mono and stereo files, and extra long files so you don’t run out of guitar in the middle of a riff. Sustained notes, chugs, hammer-ons, bends and lots more, so you can create your own guitar parts. Also included: bonus guitar loops that can be time stretched to match the tempo of your tune automatically.

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Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst - direct x pluginBlue Cat Audio Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst is a real-time spectrum analyzer with smooth response and complete control over the audio spectrum analysis. Its customizable user interface and transparency feature let you make it totally integrated in your favorite audio application: check the audio spectrum and see behind it.

It is available as a single download or within the Freeware Pack bundle, together with all Blue Cat Audio freeware products.

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The Ultimate Vocoder Plug-in

The Ultimate Vocoder Plug-inPitch-augmentation, sympathetic drones, re-synthesis, formant effects, voice disguisers, multi-band ring modulation, vocoder effects, robot voices, talking instruments, sub-harmonic bass generation, sci-fi effects, and many more that defy description!

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Anwidasoft DX Modulation Pack

Anwidasoft DX Modulation Pack - phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, c-delay and modulated resonant LP filterThe DX Modulation Pack is a collection of modulation effects including phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, c-delay and modulated resonant LP filter. Each plug-in has a straight-forward user interface that allows easy editing and parameters control.

All the DX Modulation Pack plug-ins are Microsoft DirectX compatible, allowing you to use them with any digital audio software that supports the DirectX plug-in standard.

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UltraBass - DirectX compressor for bass drumsUltraBass is a DirectX compressor for (electronic) bass drums. It is designed to compress only bass drums, nothing else. Additionally, only mono inputs are supported at the moment. If you desperately need stereo processing, you can split up your signal into 2 files, compress them independently and merge them afterwards.

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