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MiBAC JAZZ User Guide

MiBAC JAZZ User Guide - Blues, Jazz StylesThis overview provides sound and score files for the five lessons in the MiBAC JAZZ User Guide. The sound files are in MP3 format and are unedited recordings of MiBAC JAZZ rhythm sections played on a Kurzweil K2500 synthesizer. The score files were created by exporting the MiBAC JAZZ song as a standard MIDI file and then opening the standard MIDI file in the a software notation program. Finale ( and Sibelius ( were the notation programs used to produce the scores.

Lesson 1 - The Six Step Blues
In Lesson One you'll write a twelve bar blues in the key of C in six easy steps. After you've written, played, and saved it, you'll also learn how to stop a song while it is playing, change the tempo, change between open and closed piano voicings, and use the Chord Display View for an animated playback display.

Lesson 2 - The Twelve Jazz Styles
In Lesson Two you'll write a song in each of the twelve MiBAC JAZZ styles. The Style dialog lets you choose between the four main styles, each of which has a slow, a medium, and a fast substyle. Combine the four main styles with the three substyles and you get the twelve jazz styles available in MiBAC JAZZ.

Lesson 3 - Selections and The Semicircle Blues
In Lesson Three you'll learn about selecting text and selecting measures. Selecting text makes it easy to copy and paste chords and chord qualities from one measure to another. Selecting measures makes it easy to copy and paste chord progressions from one section of the song to another. You'll master these techniques by writing a twelve bar blues with six choruses that modu- lates through the keys of C-G-D-Bb-F-C. You'll copy and paste chord text, copy and paste chord progressions, transpose chords, rewrite a specifi c chorus with new chords, and use the Chord Display View during playback.


Lesson 4 - A Mixed Bag
In Lesson Four you'll learn how to mix styles within a song and how to play selected measures and selected choruses.

Lesson 5 - Adventure Blues
In Lesson Five you'll write your most ambitious song yet: a ten chorus blues with texture and style variations in every chorus.

Download MiBAC JAZZ User Guide 2.71 MB

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